Our team consists of procurement specialists, engineers in different fields and procurement lawyer who help with every process of the procurement. We usually take the entire procurement process upon ourselves, starting from the preparation of the procurement documents, compiling the required terms, communication with Tenderers and the compilation of the contract. We will work in your service until the works have been completed, if necessary then even longer.

As a rule, all big state or EU funded projects have to prepare a public procurement notice. Most corrections made to grants are enforced due to incorrectly organized procurement procedures!

If the investment is funded with a grant, then it is usually demanded, that the procurement would have to follow the principles of §3 of the Public Procurement Act. We announce the public procurement notice from the State Procurement Register.

Procurement process:

  • We identify the exact need of the company;
  • Prepare the procurement document, including the technical specification sheet;
  • Communication with Tenderers, solving inaccuracies and answering to questions;
  • If required, we will change the procurement document based on the feedback of Tenderers and our Client;
  • Negotiations with Tenderers;
  • We carry out a detailed and thoroughly check of submitted offers;
  • Evaluation of the offers and ranking the offers based on evaluation criteria;
  • We announce the winner of the procurement;
  • We check the contract so it would be in accordance with the Procurement document;
  • We will submit the procurement report to the state authority responsible for overlooking the procurement;
  • If the investment uses a grant, then we will answer the question from said state authority about the procurement process.

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