Large enterprise energy audit

For large enterprises, we offer an energy audit at a 4-year interval, as required by law, which includes energy use development scenarios verified by the Technical Regulatory Authority.

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energy audits with an average of 5 measures


average savings potential of total consumption

5 years

average payback period of measures


tCO2/year lower average footprint

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What is a large enterprise energy audit?

What is a large enterprise energy audit?

An energy audit of a large enterprise summarizes the energy use of the enterprise, assesses the situation of processes and infrastructure and proposes scenarios for improvement. A large company energy audit is mandatory if the company has more than 250 employees or a balance sheet total of more than €43 million and a turnover more than €50 million. The information from the completed audits is forwarded to the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority (CPTRA).

Large enterprises that have implemented an environmental or energy management system (ISO 14001, ISO 50001, EMAS certificate) may submit a brief summary of energy consumption every four years instead of a full energy audit.

The audit must be signed by an energy efficiency specialist, level 7, but if the total installed thermal capacity of the company exceeds 1 MW or the total annual energy consumption exceeds 5000 MWh, the audit must be signed by an authorized energy efficiency specialist, level 8. Energex Energy Experts OÜ’s lead auditor, Leo Rummel, is a Level 8 authorized energy efficiency specialist, which means that we are competent to audit companies regardless of their size and energy consumption.

The process of drawing up an audit:

The process of drawing up an audit:
  1. Sending a request for information to the company;
  2. Initial analysis of the information;
  3. Visiting the enterprise – mapping the current situation and discussing possible energy saving measures;
  4. Based on the information received and the visit, the audit is prepared;
  5. Completion of the audit and the electronic addendum in the CPTRA system.

Our experience

Our experience

We have audited companies with very different profiles – industrial, hospitals, and media. We try to make the process as convenient as possible for the company.

The Energex team has a wide range of experts – including thermal energy, environment, automation and industrial processes – so we can offer a flexible and complete service. We are committed to ensure that Estonian companies are sustainable, efficient and use the best knowledge to achieve energy savings.

Average energy audit

Average energy audit

In our experience, 5 energy saving measures are designed for the average company, with an energy saving potential of 5% of the company’s total consumption, or 1265 MWh/year, and a reduction of the company’s carbon footprint by 1315 tons.

Our large enterprise clients

More than 250 organizations from the private and public sectors have worked with Energex.

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