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Behind Energex’s success story is a diverse and experienced group of professionals, united not only by a commitment to excellence, but also by friendships and shared interests in the world of science and beyond. Our team is like a tightly knit network, where experts working together not only share knowledge and experience, but also create an inspiring atmosphere where everyone can contribute.

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Our story


The story of Energex began in 2015 when thermal energy engineer Leo started drafting a business plan for a consulting company. Since 2008, he had worked in various positions at Eesti Energia and felt that the company had exhausted its opportunities for him. In the spring of 2016, Leo mentioned his plan to Enar, a thermal energy student. They were both board members of the Estonian Association of Thermal Engineers and Leo noticed Enar’s sharpness. Enar’s coursemate Viljar, with whom Leo had previously had a positive experience while working on the Estonian Engineers Association’s website, was also brought on board. Leo introduced them to his business plan, and both were enthusiastically ready to participate. On June 2, 2016, Energex was officially registered, and they began actively working on sales together. By June 17, the first contract was signed, and more contracts soon followed. This marked the continuous growth of the company, which continues to this day.


Energex’s mission is to help make the green and digital transition a reality.

We help customers achieve their environmental and digitalization goals while advancing the technological process.


Energex’s vision is to be the most valued centre of excellence for engineering and management consulting.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and partners based on trust, professionalism and mutual benefit.

Our experts

Energex has grown and expanded, providing our customers with high quality and innovative solutions in the fields of energy, digitalization and production technology. From engineers to lawyers, our team includes experts in their field.


Enar Kraav

Development Manager and Lead Engineer

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Sales team

Analytical team

Markus Tamm

Process Engineer

Kristiina Angela Kelder

Energy Technology Engineer

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Jan Markus Tinno

Electrical Engineering Specialist

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Katarina Kaleininkas

Production Technology Expert

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Digital team

Grants team

Maarja Metstak

Financial Manager, Team Leader

Ilja Assafatov

European Union Subsidies Specialist

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Gedili Saar

Data Analyst

Procurement team

Hans Kasepõld

Mechatronics Expert, Team Leader

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Evelyn Kuusik

European Union Subsidies Specialist

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Exciting projects and great company awaits you!

Our multi-disciplinary team is ready for challenges!

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We care about our employees

Energex's success and warm atmosphere is only possible thanks to our employees.

We allow flexible working hours

We value work-life balance

We allow time for self-development

We invest in employee health

We encourage education

We offer exciting projects to work on

Our people say...

I joined Energex when I had finished my bachelor's degree and started my master's studies. My career began with a position as a process analyst. Looking back, I realize I was fortunate because my first "real" job was so enjoyable.

At Energex, they had an excellent understanding of what tasks to assign me to ensure both performance and developmental goals. I could turn to anyone in the field with questions, and this gave me a good start early on. When I had problems or concerns, the company's management listened to me attentively. As a result, working alongside my studies did not cause me any stress in either area.

In the future, wherever my path may lead, I hope for a similar work environment to that at Energex, where I highly valued the flexibility regarding working hours or location. Additionally, I always received honest and constructive feedback on my work. The people at Energex are very diverse, and they are encouraged, respected, and supported both mentally and physically. We often had a lot of fun with colleagues, and I still keep in touch with some of them, while others have left me with only good memories.

The tasks varied, and I could also create additional variety for myself by participating in team event planning. These events were very diverse: bike trips, abstract painting, interesting restaurants, or escape rooms. As a result of the coffee workshop I organized, the quality of coffee in our office improved, and it is now probably one of the best in Tallinn. For me, there was enough variety in more professional tasks as well, from digitalization roadmaps to creating different models and simulations. I am glad that I was assigned projects according to my interests but also guided to develop in new areas.

While working, I felt that my daily efforts were aimed at promoting a better and larger goal. This is important to me, and this desire fit quite well with Energex, as the main goal is to improve production efficiency and implement the pan-European green transition. It was also great to receive personal thanks from clients at the end of projects.

Energex was a wonderful place to work. Energex's modern approach to the work environment and development gave me the space to breathe freely and achieve results based on honest feedback, which I will benefit from for the rest of my life. Thank you!
Ott Salla
Process analyst

Employees speak

Our contibution to the community

We are active community builders and contributors. Every year, we donate 1% of our profits to charities close to our employees' hearts. Over the years, we have supported dozens of charities.

Certificates and labels

Our management system is compliant with the ISO 9001 standard.

Energex holds ISO 9001 certification, confirming their commitment to quality management. Energex is constantly striving to develop the skills of its employees to ensure the best quality of our services and customer satisfaction. This international standard ensures that the company adheres to the principles of rigorous processes and continuous improvement, ensuring that products and services meet customer requirements and international standards. Certification is not only proof of reliability, but also a competitive advantage. Maintaining certification requires consistent commitment and systematic quality management.

We are supported by European Cyber Competence Centre

An information security assessment was carried out in Energex, using the cyber roadmap methodology developed by the RIA (Information System Authority). The project is supported by the European Cyber Competence Centre with its members. The aim of the assessment was to support the company in improving its level of information security and thereby reduce the likelihood of the company falling victim to a cyber-attack and suffering financial losses.


Energex has maintained a consistently good credit rating since its establishment. This means there are no debts to the state or partners, annual financial reports and tax returns have been submitted on time, economic indicators are strong, and the company’s background is sound.

Only 7% of companies in Estonia meet the requirements for the Trusted Company label.

Exciting projects and great company awaits you!

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