Large enterprise energy audit

Energy audits have to be carried through every 4 years for EU companies which have internationally more than 250 employees or a turnover of over 50 million euros and a balance sheet of over 43 million euros. For more info, click on the hand!

Digitalization and automation diagnostics

We live at a time where the lack of workforce has made it clear for every industry that automation and digitalization are the only way to survive and thrive. To read more, click on the light bulb!


We are experts in managing projects for combined heat and power plants, boiler houses and industrial resource efficiency improvement in both development and construction phase.


We consult industrial companies on how to make their process more energy and resource effecient, prepare district heating development plans and a variety of different studies for companies, municipalities and governments.


We like to take care of some or all the tasks in the life cycle of your project: preparation of tender documents and technical specifications, evaluating offers, tender negotiations, and supervision of implementation.


We are experts in market analysis and modelling, compiling of independent prognosis and energy project business analysis.

About us

Our values
We make the world a better place with our work

We believe that in every project and work, we need to find out for ourselves how it will make the world around us better. This is what inspires us. It can be using energy and resources in a more environmentally friendly way. It can be about offering people a better energy price. It can be the creation of new jobs through the development of industry. We always try to find the optimum between economic, environmental and social aspects. Every day we think about how to be responsible in our work. In addition, we plan to donate 1% of our profits to charity each year. It is a small contribution, but we hope to set an example for others and have a greater impact.


    we talk honestly about things as they are


    to improve and preserve the living environment of us all


    to complete the work and ensure the highest quality because by working together we achieve the best results


    to continuously develop our services, knowledge and skills


In addition to our team, we involve external experts as needed
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Leo Rummel

Lead Expert & CEO
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Enar Kraav

Process Engineer | Tartu
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Viljar Stalkov

Thermal Power Engineer
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Andre Tammik

Thermal Power Engineer | Luxembourg
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Markus Tamm

Process Engineer
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Rander Süld

HVAC and Process Engineer
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Tanel Rooba

Electricity and Digitalization Engineer
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Timmu Tollimägi

Mechatronics Expert
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Kristen Altof

Chemical and Technology Engineer
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Maarja Metstak

Financial Expert
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Mihkel Evard

Industrial Engineering Expert
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Robert Uibu

Chemical and Procurement Engineer
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Executive Assistant, Business IT Specialist
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Assistant Project Manager, Energy Technology Specialist
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Pavlos Dionysopoulos

Mechanical Expert | Athens, Greece
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Sander Güvet

Procurement Lawyer
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Joonas Laasberg

Production Management Expert
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Dr. Philip Jenkinson

International Energy Expert
PhD. Wide experience in thermal processes and chemical processes: combustion, gasification, oxidation.
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