Large Enterprise Energy Audit

Large enterprise energy audit is a document compiled by auditing team which analyses the energy use, assesses the state of infrastructure and processes and proposes different scenarios to improve the situation. Large enterprise energy audit is mandatory if the number of employees of the enterprise exceeds 250 or if the balance sheet total exceeds 43 million euros and turnover is over 50 million euros.

Energex’s team consists of 15 experts from different fields, so that we can offer a flexible and comprehensive service – our clients range from the public sector to large industries. We always try to give more than is required from us and we are happy to take on even the most difficult problems. We strive to ensure that Estonian companies are sustainable, efficient and use the best knowledge to achieve energy savings.

 Who must order the audit? 

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications compiles a regular list of large enterprises that they know of, but not being included on the list does not release the enterprise from the audit obligation if the enterprise is considered large by the criteria. The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority of Estonia checks the existence of large enterprise energy audits from large enterprises located in Estonia. According to the 15.07.2016 Energy Management Organisation Act (EnKS) all large enterprises have to submit an energy audit every 4 years which must be in accordance to the regulation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Minimum standards for an energy audit. In case of a industry, level 8 Chartered Specialist in energy performance of buildings is required to sign the audit. International enterprises are obligated to submit only the audit for entities located in Estonia.

 Requirements for the auditor

Audit must be signed by an Chartered Specialist in energy performance of buildings, level 7, but if the enterprise’s total thermal installed capacity exceeds 5000 MWh, the audit must be signed by Chartered Specialist in energy performance of buildings level 8 instead. Lead auditor, Leo Rummel, is Chartered Specialist in energy performance of buildings level 8 so we have the competence to audit enterprises regardless of their size and energy consumption.

How to avoid audit obligation?

A large enterprise energy audit does not need to be carried out if an environmental or energy management system has been implemented (ISO 14001, ISO 50001 or EMAS certificate), in which case a short summary of energy consumption must be provided every four years.

What does the audit include?

Minimally it is necessary to report one year’s energy resources on a monthly basis, if possible we report the enterprises last 3 year’s energy resources (electricity, reactive energy, fuels, water, heat). Data is obtained from the enterprises own information systems and from accounting. After the preliminary data requests have been answered, the auditing team will perform the on site visits, surveys, measurements and all other works that have been previously agreed.

What does my enterprise get from the energy audit?

We compile a balance of different energy resources, assess the situation of energy use and production, give an assessment of the current situation of the industry, provide different scenarios of improvement and calculate the economic feasibility, energy savings, CO2 emission reductions and evaluate different measures in order of priority. In addition we make various recommendations to implement the measures.

After the audit, if the client requests, we make a presentation of the audit and analyse the outcome with the company’s management so that the measures would be implemented.

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Our clients who have ordered a large enterprise energy audit from us:

VKG Oil, Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum, Enics Eesti, Kulinaaria, Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla, Eesti Post, Coop Pank, Farmi Piimatööstus, Olerex, Tallinna Linnatransport, Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla, Elme Metall, ABC Supermarkets, Harju Elekter, Amserv, Postimees Grupp, Ämari, Nortal, Ramirent Baltic, DBT, ERGO Insurance, Eesti Pagar, UPM-Kymmene Otepää.