Green audit – support measure for altering manufactures’ business model

Starting from autumn 2022 all companies in the Estonian business registry that operate in the field of mining and processing industry can apply for support to transform their business model. The support is offered by EAS.

The following projects can be supported within this measure: green audits themselves (so the mapping of prospective green projects) and green development projects set out in roadmaps in green audits. The maximal support for green audits is up to 70% of the cost of the audit or up to 10 000 euros. The support for implementing development projects is up to 70% of the cost of the project up to 200 000 euros. Depending on the type of aid and the location of the company, the minimal required self-financing is at least 30%.

A prerequisite for applying for support for development projects is a roadmap document compiled according to relevant rules and regulations. The roadmap must contain actions of top priority for transitioning to a circular economy and a DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) analysis. The maximum duration of development projects is 18 months, however they must be completed and finished before 31/12/2025.

The support can be applied for continuously throughout the validity of the support measure. The budget for this round is nearly 9 000 000 euros.

The following activities are not supported:

  • activities relating to fossil fuels;
  • activities happening within the EU emissions trading scheme if the emissions are not lower than the benchmark;
  • activities relating to landfills;
  • activities relating to waste incineration plants;
  • activities relating to mechanical-biological waste processing stations;
  • activities, for which the long-term effect of waste elimination may harm the environment.

Contact us and ask for a quote at info[at] We will help your company compile your green audit and apply for support from this measure for your investments. Energex’s biggest strength compared to our competitors is the high level of technical competence of our support measures’ experts, which means that:

  • The understanding of the context of the project is ensured.
  • Work required by the client is reduced.
  • Amount of time needed is reduced.
  • The probability of receiving support is increased!

This measure is financed from European Union’s recovery program NextGenerationEU. More information on this measure can be found here.