Applying for Grants

Our team has successfully applied for grants in the total amount of tens of millions of euros. In addition to technical competence, we assist in later communication with the overviewing authority (KIK, EAS, PRIA, RTK), submitting reports to the authorities and making changes to the application or the documents in the application if necessary. We provide a full service, starting from compiling the documents required for the application to conducting procurements and owner supervision.

KIK – Environmental Investment Centre of Estonia

  • Resource efficiency grant – we have received a positive decision for 67 projects in the amount of over 22 million euros. The prerequisite for the support is an energy and resource audit, read more here.
  • Street lighting renovation grant (local authorities) – we prepare applications or consult and assist local authorities with issues related to grant applications, read more here.

PRIA – Agricultural Registers and Information Board

  • Grant for making fishery and aquaculture products more energy and resource efficient – we have applied a total of one million euros of grants for five different industries.

EAS – Enterprise Estonia

  • Product development grant;
  • Grant for implementing business models of tourism companies;
  • Applied research program, read more here.

RTK – State Support Centre

  • Grant for industries in Ida-Viru county, read more here.

Contact us and ask for an offer at info[at]

Our clients who have entrusted grant applications to Energex team:

Thermoarena AS

Valmos OÜ

Puidukoda OÜ

Ecobirch AS

Põltsamaa Uksetehas OÜ

Kroonipuu OÜ

Priimo Mets OÜ

Krimelte OÜ

Dagöplast AS

Reideni Plaat AS

Höhle OÜ

Kunda Nordic Tsement AS

K-Print OÜ


OG Elektra Tootmine AS

Eesti Elecster AS

FinEst Steel AS

Ruukki Products AS


Karu Katus OÜ

Tavepro OÜ

Estanc AS

Nordic Metal Works OÜ

Kane Metall AS

Multimek Baltic OÜ

BLRT Toorik OÜ

Baltic Premator OÜ

Fors MW AS

Tarmetec OÜ

Universal Industries OÜ

Scanfil OÜ

Arco Metal OÜ

Retlar OÜ

Portlif Grupp OÜ

Eesti Höövelliist OÜ

Romec Metall OÜ

Plaat detail OÜ

Clyde Bergemann Eesti AS

Tapa Mill OÜ

Siidrikoda OÜ

Kulinaaria OÜ

Sami AS

Corestone Green OÜ

Masekonord AS

Viking Window AS

Tammer OÜ

MP & Puitmeister OÜ

Japs M.V.M AS

Bauroc AS

Metallituba OÜ

Vitarsis OÜ

Kallaste Kalur AS

Tinfor AS

PlasmaPro OÜ

Toode AS

Orthez OÜ

Zircon Group OÜ

Tyre Mould Eesti OÜ

Peat Mill OÜ

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Haljala Vald

Järvetähe OÜ

Tohvri Puit OÜ