Digitalization Roadmap

Digitalization roadmap is a study that can by applied for support at rate of 50% – 70%. The grant is managed by EAS (Enterprise Estonia) and the aim of the grant is to encourage companies to take part in the industrial revolution 4.0 and with it increase their competitiveness in a rapidly changing world. The needs of the enterprise are mapped by our experts in cooperation with enterprise’s workers and as a result a roadmap is compiled which describes step by step solutions how to eliminate bottlenecks in the production. In addition a detailed document is compiled which addresses the most important issues of the enterprise, the document includes service providers contacts whom are capable of providing the solutions. The completed roadmap helps the enterprise to develop into more efficient and value adding model of production.

Roadmap is compiled by independent team, the first priority is to find a solution to the clients needs. Our team has diverse knowledge in digitalization and automatization fields to complete all the required tasks and will work side by side with our other experts in different fields.

Digitalization roadmap includes the following areas:

  • Overview of the level of digitalization and the supply chain;
  • Timetable (roadmap);
  • Making inquires;
  • Assessment of the improvement costs, payback period and the effect on the enterprises financials.

Our goal is to provide you with a team of experts who are experienced specialists in digitalization and automatization. We compile the digitalization roadmap by implementing the best practices in the world.

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We have had pleasure to help following enterprises to digitalize their processes:

Kunda Nordic Tsement AS

Reideni Plaat AS


Farmi Piimatööstus AS

Tere AS

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