Heat Management Development Plan

The heat management development plan can be a joint document of one or more district heating networks, which will be prepared for at least 10 years. An integral part of the work is the analysis of the development perspectives of the district heating network – as a result of the analysis, local governments can make considered and analyzed decisions in the development of infrastructure. Our clients are local governments all over Estonia.

The heat management development plan includes a recommendation based on the analysis of the development prospects of the network, whether and in what way it is most efficient to continue the development of district heating in the network or whether is it reasonable to switch to partial or completely local heating solutions.

The plan is signed by lead auditor Leo Rummel, who is level 8 chartered specialist in energy performance of buildings and level 8 chartered thermal power engineer.

Heat management development plan includes the following subjects

  • Description of the area, long term goal of social economy, housing, business developement and heat management at the local level;
  • Technical condition of boilerhouses, district heating network, heat exchangers and specific indicators (ratio of heat load to network lenght kW/m, ratio of consumption to network lenght kW/m, loss of the network %);
  • Description of heat consumers, including current state and projected future loads;
  • Price of heat and consumer solvency;
  • Opportunities for the development of heat supply, technical feasibility, alternative scenarios (including demolishing excisting district heating systems) and transferring from district heating to local heating units;
  • Long term economic feasibility of heat supply options;
  • Action plan.

Local authorities can apply for support for the following activities

  • Compiling a heat management development plan for the district heating area;
  • Updating excisting heat management development plans;
  • Compiling a heat management development plan is supported if the annual heat production was less than 50 000 MWh one year before submitting the application. No grant will be given to a project that has started activities before submitting the application.

The following local authorities have entruested our team to create a heat management development plan:

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