Grant for Industries in Ida-Viru

Aim of the measure is to uplift the economy of Ida-Viru county, increase employment levels and economic activity of the region.

Our team of experienced specialists compiles all the documents needed to apply for support, communicates with Riigi Tugiteenuste Keskus (State Support Centre) and helps to implement the project. We will give a free consultation to assess whether your company would be eligible for support from this measure.

Support: 90 000 € – 990 000 €

Maximum support rate:

Large company: 25%

Medium-sized company: 35%

Small company: 45%

 Requirements for applying for the grant

  • The main or secondary activity of the enterprise and the project activity must belong (be registered as) manufacturing sector (EMTAK code C);
  • The investment must be implemented in Ida-Viru county in Estonia;
  • Investments in enterprise’s assets and connections to networks and infrastructure are supported, as a result jobs with higher than average salaries must be created in Ida-Viru county. In case of a low income industrial sector, the average salary of the sector in question is compared, which might be much lower than the overall average salary of the industrial sector. Data is compared with the latest releases of the State institution Statistics Estonia;
  • Every job created with higher than average salary entitles the enterprise for 30 000 € of grant – maximum grant is 990 000 €, in which case at least 33 new jobs with higher than average salary must be created.
  • Created jobs must be active for at least five years after the end of the project;
  • The eligibility period of the project starts with submission of the application for support or up to 6 months after the submission. Latest date of eligibility of the project can be 31.08.2023;
  • Applicants tax debt, together with interest can not exceed 100 € or it must be deferred.

What investments are eligible?

  • Enterprises fixed assets including construction of buildings and other infrastructure, excluding the cost of buying property;
  • Cost of setting up and adjusting investments made into fixed assets;
  • Cost of transport of the equipment and insurance cost of transport;
  • The cost of acquiring, developing and deploying intangible assets related to the analysis of the production process or product data, if the intangible assets are included in the applicant’s fixed assets and remain within the project scope, are used exclusively by the beneficiary company. are depreciable and are bought from a third party unrelated to the Applicant;
  • Cost of connecting with infrastructure (connection of new installation with electricity, gas, water, sewage, district heating and cooling, communication networks, provided that the connection is necessary for the implementation of the project or to expand production.

We will compile the following sections of the application

  • A brief description of the enterprise and the enterprise’s strategic goal;
  • Description of the project;
  • Applicant’s risk and competition analysis;
  • Financial analysis;
  • Impact assessment;
  • Project schedule;
  • Project plan;
  • Description of the project team and CV-s of key persons;
  • Cost-benefit analysis;
  • Project budget calculations;
  • Explanations for the budget calculation;
  • We make sure that the investment description complies with the EU law and we will give a explanation of the applied support rate based on the enterprises data;
  • Classification of the enterprise’s size according to the regulation;
  • We help to implement the investment project and help with the following procedures!

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