Development Voucher

Aim of the development voucher is to increase the digitalization and automatization of industries.

  • Grant up to 35 000 €
  • Grant up to 70% of total investment
  • Project must be completed within 18 months

Who is eligible for aid?

Applicant must be an SME (small and medium size enterprise) and the enterprise must be registered in Estonian Commercial Register.

Our competitive advantage

Our team’s greatest strenght compared with competition is our experts strong engineering-technical competence, which:

  • Guarantees inclusive understanding of the project;
  • Reduces your workload;
  • Reduces time spent on nonessential work;
  • Increases the chance of positive grant decision.

Outcome of development voucher

The submitted project must include R&D activities. The aim of this grant is not to support creation, modification or supplementation of excisting business models or marketing activities.

The following activities are supported by the development voucher grant

  • consulting regarding product or service development;
  • conducting product tests and industrial experiments;
  • carrying out feasibility and cost-benefit research;
  • legal protection consultation, tests and registration regarding patents, utility models or industrial design;
  • consulting regarding metrology, standardization and certification;
  • development and implementation of technological solutions:
  • The staff expenditure of a development employee on the condition that the development employee will work on the project for the company at least 20 hours per week and at a 0.5 workload. The maximum share of eligible expenditure from the entire eligible sum of the grant can be up to 50%. The position of the development employee must be located in Estonia; this employee should have a higher education degree and at least 5-years of working experience in the corresponding field within the last 10 years.
  • The cost of materials needed for the implementation of activities on the condition that the maximum share of eligible expenditure from the entire eligible sum of the grant can be up to 25%.

We will compile the following sections of the application

  • Action plan and budget according to Enterprise Estonia (EAS) form;
  • Financial prognosis of the enterprise according to the guidelines of EAS;
  • Project risk analysis according to the guidelines of EAS;
  • Detailed monitoring plan;
  • Project markers, calculation of base and target values;
  • Project action plan;
  • Description of the project team and CV-s of key persons;
  • Cost-benefit analysis;
  • Project budget calculations;
  • Explanations for the budget calculation and proof of financial capability;
  • Analysis of the export potential of the project;
  • Product marketing and export plan;
  • We make sure that the investment description complies with the EU law and we will give a explanation of the applied support rate based on the enterprises data;
  • Classification of the enterprise’s size according to the regulation.

Procurements and exclusions


Projects belonging to the following categories are not eligible for a grant:

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing;
  • Brokerage, wholesale and retail trade;
  • Processing and preserving fish, molluscs and crustaceans.

Service must be provided by engineering-technical chartered specialist level 7 or higher and have experience in providing engineering services. The list or proof of experience must be provided with the procurement offer documents.

Read more about the development voucher here.

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