Donations 2023

Every year, Energex donates at least 1% of its profits to charity. Thanks to our customers, we were able to support 17 charities in 2023: The total amount of donations in 2023 was 3620 €. This means that since 2016, Energex has donated a total of 20 726 € to charity. The Energex family would[…]

Donation 2022

Every year Energex gives 1% of it’s profits to charity. Last year, thanks to our clients, we were able to support 13 charity organizations: Estonian Association of Parents of Children with CancerEstonian Cancer AssociationEstonian Human Rights for Free CounselingNGO Slava UkrainiNGO Silent ChildrenThe Hille Tänavsuu Cancer Treatment Foundation “The Gift of Life” Tallinn Children’s Hospital[…]