Grants newsletter

As the state of emergency due to COVID-19 has ended, numerous industrial enterprises have resumed to plan investements. In 2020 several grant conditions have been renewed and are introduced in the subsequent paragraph.

For companies affected by the COVID 19 the maximum product develompent grant precentage is now 75%. The digital diagnostics grant does no longer have a budget limit of 1,1 million €. The government redirects additional funding according to the demand. A new application round for Ida-Virumaa industrial enterprices has been opened. It is possible to get funding up to 30 000 € per every new job position created (maximum 990 000 €). On 15th of July a new round for resource effeciency grant will be opened with a maximum of 200 000 € per application.

Leo Rummel Lead expert and CEO


Product Development Grant

Budget 17 M €
Grant 500 000 €
Project period up to 36 months
The maximum grant percentage up to 75% (COVID-19)
Grant submission continous

The objective of the grant is to support the development of companies, develop new products and services.

Digital Diagnostics Grant

There is no longer a budget limit
The maximum grant percentage up to 70%

The objective of the grant is to support the preparation of diagnostics for the digitisation and automation of manufacturing and mining and quarrying. Energex digital diagnostics team has completed 4 projects and 3 are currently in development.

Resource Efficiency Grant

Budget 7,1 M€
Grant up to
200 000 €
The maximum grant precentage up to 50%
Project submission

1. Cost efficiency >2.
2. Resource efficiency growth criteria is 1% per product unit.
3. Project implementation within 12 months with a possibility to extend up to 31.12.2023.
4. Reporting period 3 (VKE) or 5 years.

Ida-Virumaa Industrial Enterprise Grant

Budget 6,2 M€
Grant up to 990 000 € (30 000 € / per new job position) 
Grant precentage up to 45%
Grant submission continous

1. New or existing company is located in Ida-Virumaa.
2. Jobs must have higher wages than the sector or manufacturing average.
3. Reporting on 1., 3. and 5. year after the completion of the project 4. Project must be implemented by 31.08.2023

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